Struggling to pay overwhelming tax debt?

Facing  Bankruptcy and want to keep the family home?

Received a Company Wind-Up Notice?

The Debt Doctors help Australian Companies and Business owners who are struggling to meet their financial obligations find a positive solution to help them get back on track.

We Can Help

The Debt Doctors prescribe remedies to help Business Owners, Company Directors and Tradespeople who are under financial stress achieve the best possible outcome for both themselves and their company.

Our goal is to work with you to preserve both your Business and its core assets and to reduce the burden of financial stress so that you can focus on what you do best and just run your business.

You are not alone we have helped many companies and individuals get back on track.

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Call us on 1300 62 85 86 to find out how to:

Remove Financial Stress

Protect Your Assets

Resolve Legal Issues

Restructure your Business

Get back to Business!

Why People Choose Us

We work to get the best possible outcome for you

Over 40 years of combined experience

Legal, Accounting and Financial Partnerships

Our clients get results they can't get elsewhere

About Us

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Andrew Stark
Managing Director

“When your Business is under threat and the ATO or other Creditors are circling it’s imperative that you get the right advice.With over 40 years of combined experience working in Insolvency and a team consisting of  Business Consultants ,Legal Professionals and Accountants, we are in a unique position to help guide and assist you in achieving the best possible outcome for both your Business and yourself.”

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